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Unhealthy Testosterone Levels In Women: forces and Symptoms

Unhealthy Testosterone Levels In Women: forces and Symptoms

Its feasible for a womans testosterone amounts become too much or too low. And because testosterone is an integral hormone when you look at the human anatomy in females and males alike a testosterone instability might have quite an impression on your own health insurance and wellbeing.

Therefore read on for more information on unhealthy testosterone amounts in women including factors and signs. ( And dont forget: you should check your testosterone without leaving house with EverlyWells Testosterone Test. )

Female Testosterone Levels

Though testosterone is usually regarded as a male hormones, its really a extremely essential hormones for women too. In reality, ladies normally have greater testosterone amounts than estradiol levels. (Estradiol may be the bodys form that is main of, that is commonly seen as a female hormone. )

Testosterone in Women: exactly just What It Does

Here are some key functions testosterone can play in a womans wellness:

  • Repair and development of bones
  • grows muscles
  • Decreases surplus fat (in post-menopausal ladies)
  • aids a healthy and balanced libido or sexual interest
  • can help decrease genital atrophy (which does occur most frequently in post-menopausal ladies)
  • can help help cardiovascular wellness

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