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Backdoor Medicine: a straightforward DIY Cannabis Suppository Recipe (with 3 uses!)

Backdoor Medicine: a straightforward DIY Cannabis Suppository Recipe (with 3 uses!)

I’ve been dying to generally share this Cannabis Suppository recipe to you for months. I’ve been sitting onto it (as we say) however now that Dazed + Infused is completed, i possibly couldn’t wait another second.

Ladies… if you have cramping and aching through your duration, i’ve a treatment for you personally.

And women… if you’d just like a deeply sensual weed lube alternative, that is simply the thing.

And ladies… (really, I’m conversing with you too fellas, grandmas and everyone else for that matter.) if you wish to deliver your cannabinoids rectally, take in more cannabinoids and steer clear of the extreme head-high you will get from edibles , these diy cannabis suppositories are where it is at.

Cannabis suppositories are gaining in appeal in dispensaries and so are getting used as treatment plan for genital dilemmas and also as a method to utilize cannabis that are smokeless “tripping balls” while reportedly delivering a greater concentration of cannabinoids to your bloodstream.

As being a weed lube alternative, these suppositiories permit you to use cannabinoids “all up in there” which will be amazing and seems to last a lot longer compared to other weed lubricants I’ve provided within the past.

As being a rectal application, they allow you to quickly take in higher healing doses of medicinal cannabis substances without getting insanely intoxicated.

This simple cannabis suppository recipe is versatile and certainly will be effortlessly utilized vaginally and rectally.

And I’ve myself been astonished (pun!) at exactly how amazing and cannabis that are effective can be when applied rectally.

It could move you to desire to giggle throughout this whole post, but that is some severe medication because they don’t want a psychoactive experience that I believe could help lots of people who avoid cannabis. Continue reading